Visitation at Kingsway Arms Nursing Center

November 15, 2021 - 8:00am

Dear Families, Residents and Friends,

I am very pleased to inform you that effective immediately (November 15, 2021) visitation is no longer limited to 2 guests per visit and suggested visitation hours are 9am to 8pm daily, similar to what they were prior to the pandemic!

Please review our outline of safety measures prior to coming for a visit



• Visiting does not require an appointment.

• Suggested visiting hours are 9am to 8pm, every day of the week, and there is no time restriction to the length of the visit.

• All visitors must continue to participate in and pass screening prior to each visit.

• While there is no limit to the number of guests a resident can host at one time, please keep in mind that a safe social distance must be maintained while visiting in a resident's room.

• Visitors will have access to a resident’s room for visiting yet are not permitted to travel to any other areas within the facility.

• All Visitors are required to follow infection control protocols, use facility hand sanitizer before and after each visit and wear a facemask at all times, indoors and out on our campus.

• Residents must wear a facemask during the visit, whether indoors or out.

• Visitors may not consume food or beverages at any time while in the facility as they must wear facemasks at all times.

• Resident outings are permitted and we strongly recommend that each resident wear a mask and social distance when out in the community or visiting in a private home.

• If any visitor fails to adhere to these protocols, they will be required to leave and may be prohibited from visiting.

• Please note that Kingsway Arms is required by the CMS to monitor all visitors and ensure safe social distance and safety measures are followed at all times.

• These protocols will be re-evaluated and adjusted on a regular basis as conditions change.


These protocols will be re-evaluated and adjusted on a regular basis as Covid-related conditions change.  Thank you for your support and cooperation. Please contact me if you have further questions or concerns at 518-393-4117.

Mark Olsen
Administrator, Kingsway Arms Nursing Center