Creative Ways to Connect with Your Senior Loved One to Share Holiday Spirit

Like most things over the past seven months, the holiday season too is going to be different in 2020, and unfortunately getting together and in-person visiting or family gatherings with our senior loved ones may not be safe or even an option.  According to the CDC even small gatherings can pose risks and unfortunately older adults are at higher risk for severe illness from COVID-19.  So we encourage you consider some of these safe ways to connect with your senior loved ones during the upcoming holidays:

  1. Send cards, letters and correspondence of all kinds to raise the spirits of your loved one!  Encourage members of your family to send letters and memories and then schedule a phone call or virtual visit to read and share them further. 
  2. Share your love, and your holiday flavors! Consider having a phone call, Facetime or Zoom session to discuss the recipes, favorite dishes and details of holiday gatherings and then include your loved one in sampling all the delicious dishes by delivery. You could make up a plate, package it for a nice presentation or make multiple deliveries of smaller servings of one or two at a time, spread out over a week or more. 
  3. Holiday music and sing-alongs are a big tradition in some families, and your senior loved one might be cheered by being including in a Facetime or Zoom session to just that. A little planning ahead of time, sending out song lists and lyrics, might truly make your loved one’s day!
  4. Pictures, pictures and more pictures! Digitized old home videos and sharing stills of holiday decorations, a finely laid dinner table, and family members dressed in their holiday clothes, are all good ways to connect with your loved one. Then follow up and connect by phone to chat more.
  5. Share memories. To make the most of the safe ways you can connect with your senior loved ones, consider planning out the conversation with more specific questions on their past, such as favorite school memories, special vacations or their own childhood memories of holiday celebrations.

The health and safety of your loved one is the most important thing this holiday season. Whether your loved one lives in their own home, or at Kingsway, there are plenty of thoughtful ways to celebrate holiday traditions safely.  To learn more on how Kingsway Community provides caring support for all our residents, email now or give one of our Senior Living Specialists a call at 518-393-8800.