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Fresh green salad
July 7, 2021

Senior Eating, for Every Condition

As we age, it’s totally normal — and more common than not! — to develop medical conditions that impact our daily lives.  But the way we live our lives also impacts how much those medical conditions control us.

Chef Paul Canale from Kingsway Community
June 17, 2021

10 Questions for Paul Canale, Kingsway Community’s Executive Chef

When it comes to choosing a senior living residence for you or your loved one, good food likely ranks high on your list of wants/needs.  After all, residents will be eating on campus a lot.

Kingsway Community stands out as an apple among oranges
June 10, 2021

What Makes Kingsway Community Stand Out?

Choosing the right senior living facility for yourself or a loved one can be a daunting task. There are so many to choose from that the different options may start to blend together in your mind.

Senior living resident and staff
April 6, 2021

Why Now is a Good Time to Move to Assisted Living

Planning a move to an assisted living community for your senior loved one is not something taken lightly even during ordinary circumstances.  Over the past year the factors to weigh have become even more complex.

Grandchild with present
November 18, 2020

Creative Ways to Connect with Your Senior Loved One to Share Holiday Spirit

Like most things over the past seven months, the holiday season too is going to be different in 2020. Here's some ideas on ways to stay safe and share some holiday cheer!