Transitioning from Independent Living to a Higher Level of Care

When you or your family member make the decision to join a senior community, you weigh many different factors before choosing a particular independent living facility. But as time passes, you may find that independent living isn’t the right fit anymore. Luckily, at Kingsway Community, you wouldn’t have to go through that whole decision process again or move away from your new home. Kingsway proudly offers a continuum of care so residents can remain on our campus, close to their family, friends, and community, even when their health circumstances change.

When to Transition

Perhaps you or your loved one experiences a health emergency, such as a stroke or heart attack, and now needs nursing care. Maybe they have trouble remembering to take their medication daily or eat three meals every day. Or you might even find that the regular upkeep of an independent living apartment or laundry is too much for them to handle anymore.

If you ever experience these types of changes or notice warning signs, it may be time to consider transitioning from an independent living setting to a higher level of care, such as Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing, or Memory Care. The right time for this move could be after a significant event, like a health emergency or new diagnosis. It can also come at any time after a reassessment of your health and safety.

The move from independent living to a higher level of care can be daunting, or even frightening.  But acknowledging when you need assistance is a strength that will benefit you in the future. Kingsway’s Assisted Living is exactly what it sounds like: “assistance” with your regular living routine without unnecessary changes.

At other senior living communities, this transition could mean leaving your group of staff and doctors, learning a new building layout, or establishing a brand new daily routine. At Kingsway, our goal is to provide a smooth transition from Independent Living to a higher level of care. The staff and doctors you see will be mostly the same, you will still be able to see friends who live at Kingsway, and you can still attend community events, like church services, in Schenectady and the greater Capital Region.

Benefits of Higher Levels of Care

Kingsway’s levels of care ensure that any resident can age in place; it is rare that a resident will need to leave Kingsway permanently once they have joined the community. At each level, our care is personal and person-centered. As a result, our assisted living care is individualized, not cookie-cutter. If you are on top of your medication and personal care but need some help with housekeeping, we’ll just take care of what you need. Once in Assisted Living, if you find you need more assistance but not enough to require skilled nursing, our Enhanced Assisted Living service allows you to remain in the same room while receiving more assistance throughout the day.

Across the continuum, our staff provides care to meet residents’ ability and health. Any time of day, nursing staff is available for routine or emergency care. Three meals per day, housekeeping services, transportation, and social activities are all included and coordinated for our residents. We also prioritize security, especially in our Memory Care Center, without compromising residents’ quality of life. Each social activity is catered towards energy and ability levels so that residents will truly enjoy participating and interacting with their neighbors.

As always, our goal is to support and strengthen what our residents are still able to do. Just because someone needs more assistance with the day-to-day doesn’t mean their quality of life should lessen.

Kingsway is Here to Help

When considering senior living options, it’s important to keep your future needs in mind. Kingsway’s administrators, directors, and senior living specialists are experts in the care they provide, and they’re prepared to help residents transition to the appropriate level of care at any time. This video provides an overview of making that move and details about each level of care. Contact us today to learn more about where you fit in our continuum of care.

Making the Move
Memory Care