What People Are Saying About Kingsway

Obviously, we think Kingsway Community is a pretty great place. But don’t take our word for it—here’s what residents, family members and others are saying about Kingsway’s full continuum of care online:


Kingsway is the top local senior living facility. As a family owned business, the team pays attention to every resident and it's truly a family atmosphere. Having known several family members and friends who have been at Kingsway, I enthusiastically recommend every level of their continuum of care.

—Brendan Casey


I can only share my father's experience and my family's. All the employees at Kingsway treated my father with respect and dignity through his time there. They cared for him not only as a patient but a friend. I felt like part of a family when my family was there. They truly cared. All I can say is if there is an issue advocate and talk to someone there, because they do really care.

—Jim Weidman


On behalf of my family, I would like to thank you all for the genuine care you showed my mother for the past (almost) 3 years. I was so grateful to know that she was safe, clean and comfortable, as well as loved by your caring staff. We had many good times there over the years, with good food and special activities. At times, simply enjoying the peaceful and pretty surroundings was just what we liked the most! I'll never be able to say enough about the respect and dignity that your entire staff has given to my mom; but in particular the CNA's on D-wing, whose continued compassion and dedication make it possible for our loved ones to maintain their quality of life.

—Susan Gallup


A community with various options for senior citizens to live independently, with supportive services available when needed. My parents moved there in their 80's. Living active, social & safe lives for more than 10 years. At times, they needed rehabilitation and nursing home services. We were able to visit often, feeling confident that they were happy.

—Betsy Boudette


My tour at Kingsway Manor Assisted Living was exceptional. They're my number one choice. It was clean, and the woman I dealt with, her name was Katie, and she was exceptional and very informative. The facility was meticulous. The rooms were well laid out and nicely furnished. They also said that if we wanted to bring our own furniture, we could, which would be helpful, especially for a lounge or something that would make a person feel comfortable. But the whole layout was phenomenal, they're beautiful. The room I saw was more of a studio. They had a social hour or happy hour on Fridays, and they had a book group. The staff that gave me the tour was so poised so knowledgeable and she's a very caring person.



Kingsway Community took care of my mother in-law Shirley VanValkenburgh for the last 7 years. From her apartment in the Village to the assisted living and finally the nursing home where she passed away last week. I will always be indebted to them for their compassion and kindness they gave her right till her final days. I can't say enough about them. From their doctors, nurses, aids & cleaning staff. God bless them all.

—Gail VanValkenburgh


My Dad is at Kingsway Manor Assisted Living. He is happy there, he has friends there his age and most importantly, he’s very well cared for. A very caring staff.

—Bob Peters


I liked Kingsway. My mom had been there for a couple of years before she passed away. It is quite nice; she was in an independent living apartment. The apartments were nice, she had a 1-bedroom apartment, they had one meal a day included which was very nice. It's kind of restaurant style, they had main meals that they had prepared, but you could also choose something else so that was nice. They had cleaning once a week, the manager was very nice, and they had a lot of activities that you could participate in. They've got laundry right there, you could either have them do it, or you can do it yourself. During the winter, they can clean your car, move it, and plough around. Any kind of maintenance at all, even hanging a picture; they have maintenance people that will take care of that. It was pretty complete; they covered most of your needs, and you just had to come up with breakfast, and a small meal in the evening. The building was kept-up nicely, the building she was in either had a small, little patio area or there was a second floor, and a small balcony where you could sit out there.


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