Kingsway Resident Publishes Second Children's Book


Kingsway Community resident Cynthia Tytko held a book signing for her co-residents, family members and staff to share her newest publication entitled Children's Poems for Weather, Season's and Calendar in the great Northeast.

As a former Speech Pathologist, Ms. Tytko crafted poems to engage and teach children about weather, seasons, and calendar events.  "My goals with this new book are to both foster a love of reading and help children develop important life skills such as routine, responsibility and awareness of the natural world around them."  Ms. Tytko's first book, ABCs and Apple Pie focused on teaching the alphabet through a story about making an apple pie.

This work is a second collaboration for Cynthia and graphic designer Donna Tytko, who is also a member of Cynthia's family.  As Donna expressed "It's rewarding to spend time with such a creative person.  I can see how much her prior students must have benefitted from her teaching... we had a lot of fun designing this book."  Donna contributed colorful elements to showcase northeast landscapes and children engaging in fun, season-related activities, which makes each page visually stimulating for young readers.