10 Commonly Asked Questions About Kingsway Arms Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

When families inquire about or come to tour Kingsway Arms Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, our area’s premier 5-star rated long terms nursing care and rehabilitation facility, many ask many of the same questions: What services are provided?  Does insurance cover any costs?  Is there wi-fi?  Here are the answers for 10 commonly fielded questions from our Admissions Specialist, Kathy Campbell:


What’s the process for admission to a skilled nursing center?

The first step is a PRI & screen (PRI stands for Patient Review Instrument), which is a two-part assessment conducted by a registered nurse who’s been certified through the state—not an individual’s primary care doctor.  The assessment gives a snapshot of what a person’s needs are, including how much he or she needs help with mobility, eating, transferring and toileting; a list of his or her medications; and what chronic diagnoses he or she has.  If an individual is coming to Kingsway Arms from the hospital, a PRI and screen is done by the hospital’s case manager.  A family or individual will only need to coordinate this assessment if the resident is coming from home.  This assessment typically costs between $250-$300 and Kingsway Home Care Services can provide PRI & screen services.


What health services does Kingsway Arms offer?

In addition to specializing in long term skilled nursing care, Kingsway Arms Rehabilitation Center features sub-acute restorative therapies designed to optimize quality of life for aging individuals.  With flexible schedules and treatments offered up to six days a week, including physical, occupational and speech therapies, our specialists create personalized programs designed to improve mobility, balance and range of motion needed for activities of daily living, as well as aspects of communication, memory, and swallowing disorders.


What other services are there?

Kingsway Arms has multiple service providers that come to campus, including a dentist, podiatrist, optometrist, optician, psychologist, and psychiatrist.  Kingsway is able to do labs, ultrasounds, and x-rays in house.  Kingsway Arms also has its own beauty salon, and mail is available seven days a week.  Plus, residents have access to private dining rooms for family gatherings, in addition to many daily life enrichment programs.


Will insurance cover any nursing home costs?

One of the biggest misconceptions about Medicare is that it provides long-term nursing home coverage.  It doesn’t, yet many individuals have privately purchased long term care insurance.  While policy benefits vary widely, in general, this insurance is designed to lower out-of-pocket expenses for stays in a broad range of care settings, including nursing homes.  In some cases, medical insurance may pay for some of the costs of a nursing home stay, specifically for rehabilitation services, such as after hip-replacement surgery.  These cases must be preapproved by the insurance provider, related to a prescribed need from the appropriate clinician, and the length of the insurance benefit is finite.


Are the rooms furnished or can residents bring their own furniture?

The rooms are furnished, yet residents are welcome to bring some of their own things, if they are deemed safe. Our Maintenance team will assist with every element of the move.  Kingsway encourages residents to personalize their space with decorations, photos, and furniture.  


Are there TVs, phones and wi-fi??

There is a TV in each room, and cable is included at no additional charge.  It’s $1 a day for a phone with unlimited local and long-distance calls, and residents get their own phone number.  There is free wi-fi.


Who does the laundry?

Kingsway Arms takes care of laundry at no additional charge.  Families who prefer may take the laundry home to do if they prefer.



Can the family take a resident out for the day?

Yes, just inform the day prior to an outing so they can be sure the resident is ready at the appointed time.  Our staff will ensure your loved one is dressed appropriately for occasion, has any medications needed, and will ensure he or she has not just eaten a meal prior to going out for a meal.


Can residents keep their primary care physician?

Residents can continue to see their own specialists, yet they cannot keep their PCA, unless he or she is one of the two doctors who already come to campus.


Does transportation cost extra?

Kingsway provides transportation at no additional cost.