Why Now is a Good Time to Move to Assisted Living

Planning a move to an assisted living community for your senior loved one is not something taken lightly even during ordinary circumstances.  Over the past year the factors to weigh have become even more complex.  Understandably, some have held off on making changes.  Yet your loved one’s needs cannot be put on hold so now may be a good time to evaluate what you are able to handle on your own, and where you need help.

We understand this.  Our team of dedicated professionals at Kingsway Manor are experts in guiding and supporting both you, and your loved one, as you navigate these factors and the decision making process.  As a starting point we want to provide some important points to weigh when trying to decide what’s best for you and your loved one.


At Kingsway Manor we have comprehensive safety precautions in place, from the design of resident rooms and bathrooms, to hallway safety rails and call buttons, to cleaning and sanitization protocols and more.  Every day we monitor changes happening in the broader community and we tailor our programs accordingly.  Kingsway Manor goes far and above to meet and exceed our own high standards.  Our staff and visitors are screened, anyone who is sick remains home.  Staff wear appropriate protective equipment, social distance and avoid large gatherings for both their own safety and the residents.


When caring for a loved one at home, you cannot be alert 24/7.  Keeping up with medications, meals, cleaning, errands, personal care and more, is hard work.  An unexpected emergency in the middle of the night can be overwhelming.  Being the primary caregiver to a parent, spouse or relative presents new challenges and often at the least hospitable moment.  At Kingsway Manor our experienced caregivers have years of training and are focused on providing the best care and attention every hour of the day.  Whether it’s 2AM or 4PM, there’s someone nearby and able to help.   We have licensed nurses on-site 24 hours a day.  Our caring and experienced professionals are trained to manage urgent situations.  What’s more, every member the staff has specialized training in dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Stimulating activities to keep seniors engaged-

Regardless of your living situation, social interaction and positive mental health are vital to overall well-being.  A lack of social engagement can lead to increased problems with memory, and exacerbate existing medical problems.  Kingsway Manor offers a solution.  Our life enrichment programs provide activities and opportunities so your loved one engages with lifeand purpose each and every day.  Sometimes these activities take place one-on-one, and sometimes with other residents and caring staff.  Our seniors have stayed connected with family members through a variety of means including virtual and window visits.  Although not the same as in person visits, it has kept our residents safe during these challenging times.  

We care for residents like family-

While there is never a substitute for the love of family members, we know that with shared caregiving responsibility, families are freer to enjoy the pleasure of time spent together.  We provide care, support, comfort, nutrition, safety and security for your loved one, so you can think of us as your extended family.Kingsway Manor is the proud recipient of the Silver Award from the American Heath Care Association/National Center for Assisted Living for achievement in quality.  This success requires committed leadership and staff that are dedicated to long term quality improvement.  This is thanks to our team of exceptional professionals who provide outstanding care for our residents. Throughout our 45+ year history of serving the community, Kingsway Community has been locally owned, and family operated and has always placed a strong emphasis on ensuring the best care possible.  Our experts can share their knowledge to help guide you to make an informed decision for your loved one and family.  Ask our Senior Living Specialist about our Move-In-Special through the end of April which will help with your transition.